Lesson from makeup remover

I apply liquid cover up to my face when I will be going out to dinner or want to look my best in public. The cover up will hide the blemished uneven skin tone on my face. Then I apply blush to add color, where the cover up drained me of it.

I started reflecting on the fact that often we cover up things that hurt us, make us angry or are just flat out flawed in our life. Things we don’t want to look at  any longer we will cover with lies, fake joy, busyness, alcohol, drugs or even the ‘ministry’ to make the feelings all pretty again by pretending they are not there.. For a season piling layers upon layers of good things so that we do not need to face the ugly may help us feel better.

But there comes a time when you need to strip away those layers. Just as it is not healthy to pile days and days of make up to the face allowing the makeup to cake into the pores for  months  at a time. It is not healthy to keep covering the pains of this world. You need to take time to prepare and clean the very foundation (the face).

The joy that I desire to walk with in my life, is not a cover up fix but something that is there naturally and beautifully applied by the creator. I desire to strip away the things that I have allowed myself to mask pain with.

It is time to  remove the layers.

This is my challenge this day my friends, find areas you have just masked over and covered up and get rid of them, purge them once and for all. It is time to see what was hidden underneath and remove the blinders that kept you from seeing it. REMOVE it all and start fresh.

Honey are you ready for those shoes?


I was sitting in a coffee shop, looking out the window and I saw a girl dressed to the nines.

Her clothing and style was impeccable. She had every hair in place on her head. Stylish black tights, pencil skirt, warm winter coat that had sass with a coordinating scarf flowing, and a perfect handbag to go with the look. And then I noticed she stumbled and was walking with clumsiness and no grace. As I looked down I saw three to five-inch platform shoes with a pencil heel and while yes they went with the outfit she looked like an oaf.

She was trying to walk on stilts and not very well. I suppose without realizing it she left a look at me and I am about to fall on my face impression. I could not help it, I had to laugh. I wanted to ask her ; ” honey are you ready for those shoes?” But I could clearly see for myself that she was not.

Here she had taken so much time to look good and I am sure thought she planned so well, and then had to walk all through down town in clumsiness and discomfort.

There is a season of maturing and preparation to stand on joy. It takes practice to live a joy filled life. Something you must take time at and practice daily. Often we stumble into old patterns, just as this girl was stumbling on her stilts.

It is time to be stable on our joy. To take off the uncomfortable shoes and put on shoes that will keep you on a solid foundation. The shoes that are big and clunky remind me of the worries of the world. Do we really want to take those on, stumbling through life rather than walking boldly in our inheritance of joy?

Challenge this day my friends, what are YOU standing on. It is time to evaluate and remember practice makes perfect.  Practice walking in joy and prepare the way by having your mind on a solid foundation. Do not take on something that is unhealthy and you are not ready to fight head on with joy.

Pour the best brew ~

I am at the position in life where I want joy to pour forth. Not only because I want joy in my own life, but I want to fill others up with it. I want the joy to come from my being and change the atmosphere. Often I find that I am surrounded by people that are effected in quite the opposite way and I have to stop and ask myself why.

I see the answer to this question lies in the one fact ; what kind of brew  am I percolating in?

If I want a good flavor and great aroma I need to peculate in good things. I need to let the good in my life bubble and brew and be perfected.

I will never forget the drink of a nicely brewed cup of coffee that had left over vinegar in the coffee pot from cleaning. A perfect cup of coffee had been spoiled because a little bit of residue of sour was left in it. Even a little bit of a sour note can effect the atmosphere around you and within you.

If we focus on the things that are not going right, than that is what we become. We need to think on and live in the good of the moment. There is always good to percolate in. There is always something to bring life we can share. If we are so wrapped up in our moments, our fears, our worries, gossip, problems that we think others have  or the circumstances around us, we do not allow the opportunity for a nicely perfected brew to come forth.

Clean out the inside COMPLETELY. Do not leave a nasty residue to fester and to show up when you least expect it or want it to. Think about the others around you. What do you want to leave them with? Would you serve them a cup of coffee with vinegar in it knowingly?

Challenge this day my friend. Think things through before we open our mouth. Ask if we are percolating in a good base or in something soured and spoiled. If you  are in need then clean the residue of the past out. It is time to start fresh.

Get the pot ready, the best brew needs to pour forth!!!!!

Go to the right source

Often when my boys were young, they would cry and get angry because their brother(s) had picked on them or offended them.

They would let that anger brew and fester until there was a full on war going on in their young hearts. They very rarely looked at the option of going to mom and dad.

With mom and dad they could have brain stormed, had their voice heard, or just gotten a good hug and perspective.

As I go through my own attacks in life I see exactly where my boys had gotten their brooding, tantrum throwing nature. Sadly, my first flesh reaction can be to throw a big ol’ fit!

During life’s frustrations my gut reaction may be to scream, kick and stomp and pull out my hair. But upon reflection, this does not accomplish anything productive just makes me bald.

I need to remember to stop and turn to the right source. Yes my friends will sympathise and possibly have some great wisdom. But I can not neglect turning to my heavenly father. The one that will give me the hug and lend an ear, and if I let Him, He will whisper into mine and let me know where to go next.

Forgiveness is usually that very first step He leads me in. But no matter what I can take a breath and know… He has me and all is good!

Challenge this day my friend, step back and consider going to the Father with those things that are brooding in your heart. Let go of that tantrum throwing nature and allow peace, and joy to bubble forth.

Fear NOT

One meaning of fear is to EXPECT with ALARM.  I can reflect back and see that I often expected with alarm situations that were completely imaginary. The cycle would start with the question, “What if?” or  ” Could they?”

These are definite traps. To expect the real or imaginary with alarm is to take your eyes off of what is now and looking ahead for trouble. Often the very thing you expect is what you talk about and give control in your life. What you expect is often the outcome of your future. If you are expecting troubles, you will get them and don’t we run into enough trouble without expecting more?

The bible says, ” FEAR NOT! For I am with you.”

Fear is anxiety, anxiety leads to depression, and depression keeps you from experiencing fullness of joy.

There is an internal peace that comes, with the realization that there is no need to fear!

Today’s challenge my friend, take your mind, eyes, thoughts and imaginations off those anxiety ridden ‘what if’s’ and focus on the good in the time of what is!

Blessings ~

Where does my help come from?

People have come and gone. As the storms of life roll in, I find there are very few forever faithful friends. You know, the friend that is there not because they want something but because they want to see you through for once.
However there is time even my faithful friends are not enough.
There have been storms after storms that we are facing this season in the Anthony household. I have struggled with the fibro and virus after virus, Dan gets laid off and we lose more than half our income, best friends live thousands of miles away, a close loved one is currently in critical condition, many friends and family members are watching their marriages fall apart and losing the will to fight for them.
I have my burdens and the burdens of others constantly laying in my lap.
In a matter of months things ‘look’ grim.
A normal human nature is to ‘worry’ over all these issues. To feel hopeless or frustrated because just as you get above water again, a new wave crashes over the top of you.
We need to know the truth, that worry accomplishes nothing. To give up hope and despair leads to destruction, not your victory.
My eyes need to be on the amazing God that has ALWAYS seen me through every single storm. My help is the same today as it was yesterday. last week, last month and the last three decades. (Man this makes me remember how old I am )
I can stop and see grace from His hand and His favor at every turn.
God is my help, He is my source.

I have joy because my strength is in Him no matter what my circumstance. He walks with me. His plan for me is that I prosper and He gives me a future full of hope.

I ask you this day; “where does your help come from?”
I challenge you: Humble yourself and allow help to come. See your victories and focus on those moments when help arrived and know it will come again. If you don’t know the Lord as your help, consider Him. He is an amazing ally!

Garbage in and garbage out

I was cleaning out my pantry the last few days and can not believe how quickly I let ‘junk’ accumulate. Seriously; did I need two dish drainers, a foot -bath, a roasting pan, extra crock pot bowl, extra silverware tray, pickle jars (yes thankfully cleaned out ),two bags of crusty sweet potatoes, cereal o’s and cracker crumbs on the floor of my pantry  pushed underneath the bottom shelf? All these ‘treasures’ were hidden by the pile of grocery sacks and lunch boxes that kept getting kicked under by the boys that covered the other mess.

Who knows how long those things had been there and I know that it is a  sad, sad thing to admit. This mess would have sat undiscovered for months if I hadn’t gotten a wild streak to clean it all out. It helped having company over and realizing that I was shutting the pantry door out of embarrassment. Now these extras were the garbage I had let in, but doesn’t even cover the bags of stale and moldy bread I had found pushed to the very corners. Let me assure you, I have a HUGE pantry.

This purging of the pantry caused a little extra self-reflection. How much garbage are we allowing in to our lives. We let someone or something take a little corner of our heart and before we know it we are consumed with a mess we never expected and just cover it over instead of dealing with it.

My biggest area of letting garbage in to my heart, is when I take on another’s burden. Now often times a good friend or family member is constantly filling you with garbage of their own and it is added to all your own junk. If all you are is a persons burden disposal  it can be very easy to allow the burdens to accumulate and then you  become overwhelmed. If you have someone always kicking garbage your way, it is time to encourage them that it is time to lift one another up instead of weighing the other down. It is time to let go and  together put the trash where it belongs, in the garbage. It is time to focus on the good things in life.

I urge you this day, if someone is disposing all their garbage on you or you are holding on to your own, it is time to get rid of it once and for all. The garbage may only stay if we allow it.  It is time to speak to your heart and mind and command the junk to go. It may not take residence. If you want to walk in fullness of joy we need to not hold on to the crap.

Bitterness, burdens, hurt, hatred, jealousy, anger, envy, strife, damaging memories, and pain all are garbage items that it is time to dispel.   You can be brave and chuck it all out. You do not need the garbage any more, you held on to it long enough.

Todays challenge my friend : The garbage you once let in, it is time to take it out.