A New Day

Inspired! An amazing weekend in Dundee Oregon taking part in the Awaken the Dawn.
This is a prophetic painting and song that began and came forth this weekend. Spent time in the Lord tonight finishing it up. I am so thankful He has chosen to give me a NEW DAY.  I will sing it, shout it, paint it, and dance. My arms wide open to recieve the gift He has begun!


I’ve seen your tears

I’ve heard your cries

I’ve felt your heartache

It’s time to dry those eyes

It’s a new day…. it’s a new day…a new day for you

I’ve seen your brokenness

I’ve heard your screams

I’ve felt your loneliness 

It’s time to let go and dream

It’s a new day… it’s a new day… a new day for you

No more bitterness

No more shame

No more hatred

No more pain

It’s a new day… it’s a new day… a new day for you


Will you return to your mess?

Proverbs 26:11
As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

A few weeks ago this scripture came to me so clearly at church.

Why is it that we can gain victory in an area of our lives, only to open up the door for the enemy all over again? Often times, it is harder to break away the second , third or eighth time, when that door has been opened.

For myself I find if I keep opening the door again and again, it is because the root of the sin has not been dealt with. I will stop sinning in my bitterness, anger, gluttony, worry or whatever it is for a season, but I have not completely rid myself of it. So it sits below the surface and fester, waiting for another onslaught to rear its ugly head. The temptation will rise and I will entertain it rather than cutting it off at the root.

It has been time to CUT off that sin. Walk away from it. Turn away and change. This is what repentance really means. To turn away from. I can’t keep picking the same old hurtful habits back up again and again and expect a different result.

I do not want to be as a dog returning to its nasty vomit. I do not want to be the fool returning to my folly that drags me down and steals my life and abundant joy.

My prayer today is the Lord makes every hidden thing abundantly clear to me so that I will not miss the areas that are lurking. That He will continue to give me strength to walk in HIM and not my own ways of self-destruction. I was created to be more than a fool.





She listened and I learned

Today was a hard one. My father passed suddenly just a few weeks ago and this was my first Father’s Day without him. The last two years on Father’s Day I was lucky enough to travel the 2,000 miles to see him in Tennessee. I was planning a surprise trip this year and then he passed before  I could finalize details.

My heart just broke today. I would think this week that I was over the grieving and then it would hit fresh. While my inner joy will surface, the in the moment is rough.

At church today, singing some of the very songs that I had sung with my dad on my last visit. On that visit, I had the precious moment of holding him as we both cried because he was so sick and we were pleading with the Lord for his health. Our please and cries turned to praise and peace. Today the memory flooding me, it was all too much and I had to leave the building and get away from the songs.

Along came my sweet spirited sister in Jesus. Now normally I would have such an anxiety over showing myself so vulnerable, but she brought such a peace with her !

My friend sat with me and listened to me talk and cry. I shared so much I didn’t even think to share, simply because she listened. She had the sweetest spirit of comfort and assured me in the simplest of ways. She did not talk over me, as I likely would have done, but she waited and smiled. Oh her beautiful smile.

I learned so much from that exchange today. I learned by example to listen lovingly. I learned that a hug can bring the calm, instead of anxiety I often feel when crying. She just waited and I felt so connected to the here and now, and the grief just melted. We were laughing and sharing and I dusted my self off and we went back inside.

The message today….was on connecting with one another. A real connection. God had given me a perfect physical understanding before the message today and it was so sweet.

Thank you my friend, for stepping out, for teaching and loving. The fruit you share, will blossom and spread to others! You are a treasure!!!!

He gives and takes away

Let me state right now, that this is my honest opinion on revelation for my own life. I am not finger pointing, but this post is based on my experience and what I feel has been revealed to me. Maybe this will bless others, or not, but definitely is necessary for me on my journey of joy.

In the bible Job was taken through the ringer. God allowed Satan to test Job. Satan was allowed to take from Job, but not allowed to have Job’s life.  Job continued to serve the Lord.

In the bible there was a rich man that would not enter the kingdom of heaven because he would not lay all his worldly riches down for the Lord.

In the bible  Jesus used two fish to feed the multitudes.

Do I believe the bible? Yes. Have I seen over and over in my own life the difference that the Holy Spirit makes? Yes. Do I believe God is more than capable to sweep in and use His hand to change my circumstances? Yes. Yet sometimes even though He is capable, He does not move the way I expected. Whether it be a trial and testing season, or sin in the heart that needs to be dealt with, or just life in general, we go through pain and it hurts.

That being said, today I realized how incredibly shallow I have been over the years and had to repent.

To those that had to hear me vent about loosing my house, the incredibly tight income, the repossession of my car, while your heart was breaking, I sincerely repent!

Reflecting today, I truly do see the Lord’s hand in removing those things from my life. I don’t blame the enemy. The Lord knows me better than I know myself and those things were taking precedence. I was more concerned about making  the next house payment than I was the condition of my neighbors heart ( these neighbors in particular were ones you loved because the Lord says you should, but I didn’t like them much).

I didn’t like my neighbor, I liked my bills being paid.

I don’t say this lightly. I am thankful that I have been given much and had much taken. I never trusted the Lord so much in my life, than I do right now. Waiting day to day for the next bill to be paid.

I have grumbled and complained over material things and feel truly chastised for it.

But with the Lord’s correction comes love and grace, when I repent and turn away from my rebellion and wrong doing.

Just like if I saw my own children, being ungrateful and self absorbed I would step in, for their benefit, so my heavenly father has loved me enough to step into my life and remove the things that were not of Him.

Now I am not saying a home and a nice car can’t be from the Lord, but I do know they were things I had been chasing, and that is not His plan. It isn’t about whether I own a home or not, it is an issue with the condition of my heart.

It was time to stop and evaluate this week, what else does the Lord need to take away. I walk this journey, lighter, and blessed greatly that He cares enough to instruct and speak to me on the matters of the heart.

The correction left me humble. I sincerely thought chasing that dream was okay. It is not okay when material possessions consume your time and energy.

The enemy would try to condemn me, but the Lord convicted and I repented, I don’t need to hold onto my past sin, but look forward to what He has next now that it has been dealt with.

Hebrews 12:5-6

And have you completely forgotten this word of encouragement that addresses you as a father addresses his son? It says,

“My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline,
and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,
 because the Lord disciplines the one he loves,
and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

Sucky Socks

I have had this one on my heart for some time, I don’t know why I have waited, but there is something about timing and this is the time for me to reflect and get out of my comfort zone.

An opportunity is about to present itself to me, and I must step out even if everything (skills, money, health or time ) are not lined up.

I am the proverbial Princess and the Pea when it comes to sleeping at night. I am a very light sleeper and everything that could bother me does. Over the years, I have learned what needs to be in place for me to sleep well.

I must have earplugs, to block out snoring. I must wear pajamas, and they must cover every part of my skin snugly, leaving no gaps. I must have a pillow under my head, in front of me and behind me, and I must sleep on my side, most often the right. Lastly but probably most importantly, I must have socks on. Not any socks mind you, they need to be snug with no looseness about them at all. Any shifting or slipping and I wake up continually, all night long.

Some nights when I don’t sleep, I contribute it to the fact that all I could find was sucky socks.

I must make it a point that my non sucky socks are matched and ready for sleep.

This crazy sleep pattern has me reflecting on the fact that often, I am a kind of gal that waits for everything to be in perfect alignment before I go for it. While I believe there is preparation and perfect timing for all things, I realized that sometimes waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out when conditions are not ‘just so’. Waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out on the dream.

Sometimes, stepping out in faith, is stepping out of the comfort zone, stepping into the not completely prepared platform and attempting greatness, even when I can’t comprehend how it will come about.

Finances will tell me I can’t do Christmas for the kids, only having written 20 articles would have me believing I am not ready to step into longer assignments, waking up sore and achy would have me not following through on parties, church, school functions and family events. I must get out of the routine that everything has to be perfect. When I have gotten beyond what I perceive, I am extremely blessed every time!

I will take what I have, and where I am at and step out in faith. I will not let the sucky socks of my circumstances stand in my way!

Exodus 4:10-

Moses said to the LORD, “O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

Finish the RACE

I just watched a very moving video where a teen helped carry a fallen competitor over the finish line of the state track meet. The ending was the most profound and I will be posting the link at the end of the blog for you all to see it and be blessed.

The actions of support for the one team member got me to thinking of the race in my own life.

I am called to complete and finish ALL that the Lord has for me to do. I am to stand in my faith and not waver. Often I get bogged down by my limits or life circumstances that can be dizzying, and want to give up, but God promises to be my strength and to be my aid as I finish what He has before me. When I am burdened He carries those burdens for me.

There are times I have put things on the shelf to refuel and that can be healthy, but never my faith in the moments of rest, always trusting that He will accomplish what He sets out to complete in me. I can not listen to the lies that bombard my mind that I won’t get there. I have had definite times that I just wanted to give up and not keep striving for that goal, but then He sends a reminder and I am lifted and ready to go on.

I want to reach the destination He has for me. I desire to touch the lives He has for my harvest. I want to remember to STAND in FAITH always and I want that moment when I can give a collective sigh and say;


Challenge this day my friends: Evaluate the races in your life that you are meant to complete but desire to give up on and remember, you are NEVER alone!

2 Timothy 4:7-

have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

Psalm 68:19-

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Selah

The LINK I promised 🙂 Blessings!!!

And the storm stirs again

It has been a wild ride in our household the last few years. I have written in the past about all the frustrating storms we have gone through. I describe these storms in our life as frustrations. Nothing in our personal experience has been as drastic as others may have gone through. Our personal storms have been more like a small earthquake with some shaking up and a bit of damage, but is eventually repaired. The loss has not been completely devastating, as so many face.

As I am reflecting back, I clearly see that these storms raise their ugly heads and stir the safety around us into a tempest mess. Each time we face one; we have thrown our quick tantrum and then come to the realization that God is still God  and is always in control and will see us through it.

Each storm that we have come through,  we are stronger for it. Our foundation may be shaken a bit but because it is firm, our foundation is not destroyed. We have learned how to hold on tighter than ever before while we wait for the worst to be over. We have learned to lean on and trust in new ways. May every bit of glory ALL be the Lords~

I am not diminishing anyone’s storms in their lives by sharing that we can get through them and even be stronger than when we started.  I do know that our personal storms range in great variety. But I know who is the victor as we dig in to the very truth and nature of our God. I know that there is a plan and a purpose for our lives and when we face these storms they are just a minute in the grand scheme of time and what God has before us will be accomplished!

Recently we were sure that our most recent storm was just about over. Rejoicing and shouting out that we had seen the end in sight. Only to discover that what we thought was the end was just a new stirring to take us even deeper in our faith. We had a direct hit from the enemy. We recognized the hit for what it was and took control over that area in our lives.

These are the questions that arise:

Are we still trusting in the middle of this storm? Yes.

Do we know our storm will end as every storm eventually does? Yes.

Am I going to allow my faith be moved because of a new set of winds blowing in my face? Absolutely not!

I will be a part of the force, changing the atmosphere around me, not be a part of the storm but an opportunity to share my victories!

Challenge this day my friends: Hold on tight, do not bend, stand firm, for your storm will come to it’s end. Allow yourself to be stronger from it and never forget to share the testimony. In the midst of that storm reflect back on other points in my blogs; equip yourself for the storm, expect a good outcome, sow into others lives anyway, and trust that joy is always yours!

Proverbs 10 :25-

When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone,

but the righteous stand firm forever.