I do understand there will be those that read this post and think I have completely gone bonkers. There are those that without experiencing what I am talking about personally, there is no earthly understanding. This heart experience, spirit experience, goes beyond comprehension of the mind. 

 I was listening to a worship song tonight and I was stirred so much in the spirit that I was drawn to remember God’s power, and the many references to the Holy spirit being like the flame of God. The mighty flame of God that burns within me. I was smoldering and before I knew it my spirit was alive with Gods burning fire. I was excited and hopeful, I was moved and thankful, I was refreshed as I allowed all the hurt, fears and doubts to be consumed.

I remember the story of Moses and how when  he was in the presence of the Lord, a burning bush was before him. The fire of God is mighty and powerful. I am forever reminded that this very presence of a Holy and mighty God dwells within the believer. This spirit is powerful!

There are times I get lax with my walk. I pray, or always know He is there, read my word, but I don’t walk with my fire ignited. There have been times I have shut out the Spirit of God, not intentionally, but with cares of this world and the business of life. Even concerns and burdens for others can distract me from the spirit of God. It is an effort to walk in the presence of God. Just like it is an effort to keep a fire burning.

There are times that my fire is there, but smoldering, with a hot ember rather than all consuming, overwhelming and good. For me when I take time to worship in the spirit, or praise my God setting aside all concerns, then my flame starts to roar fresh and new.  It is as if I have fanned the ember and it is sparked, igniting a mighty flame. It is then that He does the most mighty works in me! It is in this presence I have had victories over fibromyalgia, that I have healed from heartbreak, that I can have fullness of joy despite the circumstances around me. 

Just like the Sunday school song that I sang as a child. I do not want my light to go out… NO! I want to let it shine. I am not going to hide it, or ignore it, or neglect it. This light is who I am, a child of a living, breathing, all consuming God.

I pray my heart stay opened to the Spirit of God and that I will allow the King of Glory to always burn within me, no matter what may come.

Hebrews 3:11-

“I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.



The definition of HOPE-  A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

So often when we have a battle before us, we hesitate to declare boldly our expectation and desire for the end results. We are concerned that declaring boldly that the Lord will do as we ask and expect, He will look bad if that outcome is not as we were declaring, desiring, expecting, or hoping for.

The thing is we have a great gift, in the ability to walk in a feeling of expectation and desire for the things on our heart.  We get to experience that expectation bubble up inside of us. We have a vision and direction for what we wish to see.

God offers us the gift of hope in His word. We do not hurt his feelings if we are hoping for something that may or may not be His will. We have the right as His children, to declare the hopes and desires within our heart. He is that good of a father, that He wants to know and most often He is the one that placed that very hope there in the first place.

I look at my husband as an example of how declaring our hope works. As a young couple, he declared to me that he expected and desired a future with me. He declared and expected we would have a family. He was bold in these statements. God knew I desired a man that would be bold in his plans for our future. What if Dan never declared his love, his desire, his hope, his expectancy ? What if he was silent? Would the results of our future been the same? I highly doubt it.

Boldly petition and declare what you are desiring and expecting. No regrets, no apologies. He is good, no matter the plan and He is good enough to allow us to share our hearts.

Psalm 31:24
Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.

Jeremiah 29:11

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

His love NEVER fails!!!!  This is a link to an awesome song! Click it 🙂 Blessings


There is something heavy in our families past. Every now and then I come across something that makes me ache to the very core. My heart hurts and I want to weep. Then the anger tries to set in. 

I can say for the most part there is healing, but there has never been closure for us. So there are things that will remind me, the one that hurt us, was able to walk away, free to hurt another.

I take steps, small ones, to make sure that others know this person that hurt us is still out there. I do not doubt one bit, this persons guilt. To know that these kinds of hurts go on every day, does not help me, that makes the ache stronger. To know that there is healing, doesn’t help completely either, because all though there is healing, it is not forgotten. 

What I can do when the enemies voice comes nagging and whispering in my ear to remind me of that past, is to pray. I must remember that long ago, we forgave, we let go and do not want to pick it back up. The scripture that was given to me in the very first dark days, that now comes to mind again and again; vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

It is not up to me to make sure this person get’s their due. God knows the situation. God will make sure that justice is served. He is an awesome God, and the burdens of my heart, he cares about too. 

To bring the pain up over and over again, is how the enemy had trapped me into freezing up, and to hide within myself. To have been able to get to the place of forgiveness, wasn’t for the person’s health, they could care less if I forgave them or not, they have no respecter of person, but it was for me. 

I am able to let go, because that situation no longer owns me. No matter how much the enemy may try I will not pick it back up, I will not relive it, and I will not be burdened by that past. God has created a new thing in our home. There is a new peace. I will remember, He has said, vengeance is mine!


Romans 12:19-

Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say,

“I will take revenge;  I will pay them back,” says the Lord.



Merriam- Webster’s  definition of thanksgiving :

1. The act of giving thanks

2. A prayer expressing gratitude

3.  A.   A public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness.

B. capitalized : Thanksgiving Day – a day appointed for giving thanks for divine goodness.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a celebration that, to be honest should be celebrated every single day in our lives. Every day we should, myself included, stop and give thanks for divine goodness in our lives.

Now, the American Thanksgiving originated as a celebration for a successful harvest the pilgrims had, due to the advice of the Indians. The Pilgrims rejoiced that they had a harvest and took an opportunity to invite the Indians to sit and share with them. This harvest, the pilgrims knew, would not have been successful without the wisdom of those who knew the land. They gave thanks to the Lord for His divine goodness, for bringing an opportunity to learn and to be able to bring in a harvest they so desperately needed.

When I give thanks, joy rises forth. I remember a hope when I look back and see what has already been done. I remember what I have to be thankful for and expect more to be thankful for tomorrow, the next day and the next. I have seen faithfulness and can expect to see it again from the Lord.

Naming the things I am thankful for each day this month, makes me realize, I never run out of my supply of subjects to be thankful for. I will think of one thankful thought, and another comes and another.

We don’t need an American holiday to give thanks. We don’t need to gorge ourselves with feasting one day of the year because the nation has declared a holiday. What we do need is a deep recognition of thanks in our heart continually. A continuous daily prayer expressing gratitude or declaring public acknowledgement of divine goodness.

Oh the difference you see in the public’s faces when they are looking forward to Thanksgiving day.

There is a light and an expression of joy, that crosses so many faces as they wish you well, because Thanksgiving day is nearing. This is a light that is available everyday, if we only remember to stop and give thanks.

I like what has become the traditional fare at our home for our Thanksgiving dinner, and I like the time spent set aside for a special day, but mostly I like that today and everyday I can give thanks to the one, whose love endures forever.

Challenge this day my friends: Make a point to give a prayer expressing thanksgiving, not only today but everyday, for our Lord is that good 🙂

Psalm 100:4 

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.



  Through all the torment and struggles of life on this earth, I am often left questioning why. There was a season that I had felt guilty for asking God, why.  I felt like I was not trusting enough and doubting, simply because I had questions stirring over my situations.

 I look back at my children when they were small and their season of parroting; “Why? Why? Why?”

As frustrating as it may have been at those constant moments, I would stop what I was doing and answer all of their ‘why’ questions, as best as I could and as often as I could. I knew the ‘why’ season was my most opportune time to share with them. They were actually interested in what Mom had to say.

I feel like God is this way too. He wants to hear His children. He wants the opportunity to share with your heart. You may not always get the answer you are looking for but if you stop and listen you just may get an answer. The Lord is a living God that speaks to His children today. You may not get an audible voice but you can, as a believer learn to listen to the Holy Spirit that is your gift and comforter.

Having this one on one relationship with the Lord, person to person, will leave your heart joy. Even if you don’t get an answer you are expecting there can be peace when you know the ‘why’ of a situation. 

I don’t believe it is healthy to focus only on the why that is stirring in your heart, but I do believe it is perfectly okay to voice it. It is perfectly okay to be real with God. He wants all of you. We tend to hold back, but how can He be our everything if we do that?

Challenge this day my friend: Go ahead and ask your why of Him. Pray that He give peace to your heart and an answer to your questions even if it is an answer you don’t like. 

Matthew 21:22- 

“You will receive whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe.” 




Trust: RELIANCE on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

My husband is the kind of person that will trust anybody. He always believes the best of people until they prove themselves otherwise and even then he will often make excuses for them, giving the benefit of the doubt. I don’t allow him to watch any infomercials, or he will be convinced we need the latest gadget because someone said it was amazing. He is loyal to the end and he believes the best in people.

I most often am on the complete opposite spectrum. I don’t believe in anyone until they prove themselves. I feel everyone selling something exaggerates their cause, therefore I must try before I believe in a product. I am loyal until I am hurt and then I will not let the offender back in my life (very often).

I have learned from my husbands example to allow myself to trust more. I find his faith in people has also spread to his faith in the Lord and that is inspiring. He KNOWS and has confidence in the fact that the Lord will do all that His word says He will do.

I am learning from my husband, to open my heart more. To apply His trust in the Lord and to use his childlike faith as a lesson on my own life. I see great fruit in the very things my husband had trusted the Lord for. Having a wife full of joy is one thing my husband has seen fruit in.

My husband has learned from me that full trust, belongs only to the Lord. That man can let you down, but God never will. I have taught him to seek the Lord first on the decisions we are to make together.

Through our differences I find we balance each other out perfectly and are truly each others help mates.

Challenge this day my friends: Take the time to find areas you are not trusting the Lord in. Lean on His strength, His goodness, His character and ability with a confidence that He is true to His word.

Proverbs 3:5-

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.




Where does my help come from?

People have come and gone. As the storms of life roll in, I find there are very few forever faithful friends. You know, the friend that is there not because they want something but because they want to see you through for once.
However there is time even my faithful friends are not enough.
There have been storms after storms that we are facing this season in the Anthony household. I have struggled with the fibro and virus after virus, Dan gets laid off and we lose more than half our income, best friends live thousands of miles away, a close loved one is currently in critical condition, many friends and family members are watching their marriages fall apart and losing the will to fight for them.
I have my burdens and the burdens of others constantly laying in my lap.
In a matter of months things ‘look’ grim.
A normal human nature is to ‘worry’ over all these issues. To feel hopeless or frustrated because just as you get above water again, a new wave crashes over the top of you.
We need to know the truth, that worry accomplishes nothing. To give up hope and despair leads to destruction, not your victory.
My eyes need to be on the amazing God that has ALWAYS seen me through every single storm. My help is the same today as it was yesterday. last week, last month and the last three decades. (Man this makes me remember how old I am )
I can stop and see grace from His hand and His favor at every turn.
God is my help, He is my source.

I have joy because my strength is in Him no matter what my circumstance. He walks with me. His plan for me is that I prosper and He gives me a future full of hope.

I ask you this day; “where does your help come from?”
I challenge you: Humble yourself and allow help to come. See your victories and focus on those moments when help arrived and know it will come again. If you don’t know the Lord as your help, consider Him. He is an amazing ally!